One day during treatment, my Mom found and made copies of a few inspirational pieces of writing regarding cancer.  While each one was beautiful in it’s own way, the following gave me the idea for this site.

What Cancer Can’t Do

Cancer is so limited.  It cannot cripple love.  It cannot shatter hope.  It cannot corrode faith.  It cannot eat away peace.  It cannot destroy confidence.  It cannot kill friendship.  It cannot shut out memories.  It cannot silence courage.  It cannot invade the soul.  It cannot reduce eternal life.  It cannot quench the spirit.  It cannot lesson the power of the resurrection.  Amen—amen.

Bernice Chambers, 1987 Breast Cancer

Whether it’s you, or a loved one that may be fighting cancer, or have fought cancer in the past, we all know one thing all too well.  It’s a fight that is both physically and emotionally exhausting for the one fighting the fight, as well as emotionally exhausting for those that care.

Sometimes it’s easy to let it get you down, but it is very important that we not let this happen.  We must always keep hope and faith.  A friend of mine told me attitude is everything.  And she couldn’t be more right.  We have to be strong for those that are fighting this battle.

So I hope this site serves to remind anyone that may be needing some hope or faith, that cancer is so limited in the things that it can do.

—Shane Holden